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why choosing us

why choosing us

At present, China's intelligent electronics and vehicle monitoring industry mainly located at the pearl river delta region. But companies are uneven, and there are not many of them. This will determine the specialization, internationalization and scale of the manufacturers will be the market leader in the future. Shenzhen Hongjingda has accumulated experience and advantages in product innovation, customer base, cost control, production process and quality control.

1. Sufficient capacity support: large-scale production and manufacturing environment, while producing and processing products for many customers, daily production can exceed 20,000 units;

2. The modernized management mode and reasonable enterprise structure make the advanced automatic manufacturing process,  greatly improve the production efficiency and consistency of the product.

3.  Strong r&d team and technical strength. In product competition, price is no longer the sole determinant, but product brand is the key to user's pursuit.

4. Global delivery capability guarantee: the OEM customization will be finished within seven days, which will greatly shorten the delivery period, reduce the capital backlog, and make customers more comfortable with fast, accurate and safe transportation.

5. Strict quality management system: quality is the root of enterprise development, and ISO9001 is the basic requirement to guarantee the quality and stability of production.

6. Mature forward tracking system, the best products are not necessarily the latest products, but must be the most suitable products for market demand.
In addition, we continue to provide customers with a complete product guarantee system:First, the standard market operation management system, the maximum extent to protect the benefit of customers. Second, a diversified material system, providing cost-effective products; Thirdly, the research and development ability of continuous innovation meets the market different demand. Fourth, efficient automated production plants to provide production support for global markets; Fifth, the after-sales service system,provides customers with independent inquiry service of after-sale information.
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